We sell a wide range of products that cater to fulfil all your gardening needs. Our aim is for you to get the best out of your own garden and we alway want our customers satisfied. We know that your garden is something that you care a lot about so we provide the best range of products that will either create, maintain or treat your dream garden.

Lawn Mowers

We sell a wide range of brand of lawn mowers, such as Webb, and Flymo, both electric and petrol all in different sizes, weather your garden small or huge, each mower will do a grand job.

Sit-on Lawn Mower

For a larger area of land we also sell sit-on lawn mowers (or comfy mowers). Suited to cover a wider range of garden.


And if your a perfectionists we have strimmers for the finishing touches, edges or even your whole garden, we have electric and petrol mowers from Webb and Flymo.


We sell all kinds of trees from Alder, Mountain Ash, Flowering cherry to Fruit Trees, Sycamore, Rowan and lots more! All are sold at 6-8ft so they’re ready to grow wherever you plant them.

We are passionate gardeners here at Willowglen, we’re knowable in our products and we know the best things for you. Just ask a member of staff and we will be more than happy to help you with any gardening needs or advice.

Bedding Plants

Why not add some color to your garden? We have a wide range of flowers in store, from Escalonias, Olerias, Potentillas, Fuschias to Wildflowers, Heathers and Alpines. We also have herbs so you can enjoy the fresh flavorus straight from your garden.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic Pots are great for inside and outside. They create a great aesthetic to wherever you out them and they always add a natural touch. We have pots from MIMS, Heritage Grden Pottery and Whole green.


It may sound a bit humane but trust us, it’s the best thing you can do to get a beautiful looking garden, healthy plants and lush lawn. chemicals will get rid of those dreaded weeds and slugs. But We also have chemicals to help grow and feed your plants and shrubs like Specialists Fertilisers for your tomatoes and strawberries.


If you’re a hands on gardner, we have just the tools to fill up your shed. We will equip you with high quality tools that will last long and through wet and cold seasons, For all year round garden work. Our main brand in store is kent & Stowe. but we also supply other brands too.